Health Care Center & Clinic

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Health Care Center & Clinic provides health care service for students and staffs of Kwansei Gakuin University to keep their physical and mental health.
If you need our assistance please feel free to visit us.

A. Place・Phone

■ Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus(NUC)  Phone:0798-54-6023

■ Kobe Sanda Campus(KSC)  Phone:079-565-9045

■ Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus(NSC)   Phone:0798-54-6509

Operating Hours:(Mon.-Fri.) 8:50~11:30  12:30~16:50

B. Outpatient Clinic

■ Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus(NUC)
■ Kobe Sanda Campus(KSC)

Health Care Center operates outpatients clinics in both Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus  
and Kobe Sanda Campus.
Please refer to the clinic schedule below.
Consultation,health check,x-ray exam,blood exam,ECG,prescription,and medical referral
are available and are partly covered by health insurance.
Please bring your health insurance card(Japanese health insurance card:Copies are not
If not presented,you will need to pay the medical fee(bill)in cash at your own  



■  Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus

Physician performs health counseling every Thursday. (13:00-15:15).

C. Students’ Annual Health check-up

Students’ Annual Health checkups are carried out every year in April.
Health certificates required for employment and other activities can be issued to those who underwent Students’ Annual Health check-up .

D. First aid treatment

The Health Care Center provides first aid treatments for injuries and any other problems.
Beds are also available for students who feel sick suddenly.