Brian Nuspliger (ブライアン ヌスプリガー) 英語常勤講師(I.E.F.L)

[ 編集者:人間福祉学部・人間福祉研究科       2013年4月1日   更新  ]


 I am interested in learning more about teachers' motivation to teach, the sources of the motivation and how they change over time. I think this is an especially relevant topic in the field of English as a foreign language (EFL) since many of the teaching positions around the world are offered on a part―time or fixed―contract basis. I also hope to continue my involvement in the development of a grassroots professional development program for practicing EFL teachers in the Asia―Pacific region. In addition I hope to expand the use of computer mediated communication in EFL classes.


Motivation, Professional Development,Computer Mediated Communication