Institute of Disaster Area Revitalization, Regrowth and Governance

Research Focus/ Interests:

Research activities:
The institute has the following on-going projects;
- Study on establishment of mid-and long term evacuation plans in nuclear power plant regions.
- Study on upland relocation in the planning of pre-disaster recovery and revitalization for the Nankai trough Mega Earthquake
- International comparative study on disaster recovery and revitalization policies

A Network meeting of disaster-affected areas in Japan

There are various types of “recovery and revitalization knowledge” which emerge after a disaster. They will serve as a useful policy and help us to design a new social system for supporting the affected people who are tackling with this disaster prone country. These valuable pieces of knowledge, however, tends to remain only within the affected area, and often fails to transfer to other areas.
We organize a network meeting once a year to share these lessons from various disaster affected areas in Japan.