2022年度卒業生インタビュー②ウィジャヤ・ガブリエラさん / Interview with Alumni AY2022 (2): Ms. Gabriela Widjaja

Ms. Gabriela Widjaja, a 2022 graduate of the School of International Studies, tells us about what the SIS offers. Ms. Widjaja has been working for a major chemical company since April.

(1) What was the best about studying at the School of International Studies?
There are a lot of positive points going to SIS. Not only they have a wide variety of classes to take, you can focus on a specific topic of interest. SIS also have a lot of exchange students, that you can take classes together. By meeting with those exchange international students, it creates a broader perspective and a different point of view. Interacting with international students, talking to them and knowing their culture or background is one of the best way to learn. Whenever I had interview at job hunting, I have always said that reason as why I choose to go to SIS.

(2) What was the most memorable course subject in the School of International Studies?
During my 4years in KGU, there are quite a lot lesson that left deep impression in me. However my favorite would be Business Ethics by Professor Marc Cohen. He’s a guest lecturer* from Seattle, America who’s only in KGU for one semester to teacher that specific lesson. The way he teach his class is not only fun and interactive but he also urges students to be vocal about their opinions. There are a lot of philosophical and moral theory, even so it is really easy to understand as he gave real life examples. He would give examples from giant/famous companies that most of us would know and then we discuss how it would apply on the theories we learned in class. It is honestly a really eye opening lecture and I am really glad I took this class.  *The SIS invites guest lecturer from abroad almost every semester.
I took Introduction to Applied Linguistics during my freshman year in KGU. Language learning is one of my interest and taking this lecture is spot on for that. By taking this class, I have also decided to take Professor Hase seminar class.
Sociology of Cultures in Transition by Professor Nagatomo is also a lot of fun. The Professor masters in anthropology and Australia migration issues/ Japanese in Australia. The first half of the class was mostly lecture from the professor side. However the second half we had a group project and final presentation. By learning the theories and methods first, it makes a smoother project to decide on a topic and how to do the survey itself.

(3) Please give a message to those who are considering enrolling in the School of International Studies.
If you go to SIS, I’m sure you won’t regret it. You’ll meet a lot of talented individuals, awesome professors, make friends from different country and also learn a lot in school. SIS also have numerous event and exchange programs so it will be a lot fun.



② 最も印象に残った授業は?
関西学院大学で過ごした4年間で、印象深かった授業はたくさんあります。その中でも私が一番好きだったのは、マーク・コーヘン先生のBusiness Ethicsです。先生はアメリカのシアトルから来られた客員講師※で、この授業のために一学期間だけ関学にいらっしゃいました。楽しくてインタラクティブなクラスでしたが、それだけではなく、自分の意見をはっきり言うよう求められました。哲学的、道徳的な理論についてのお話が多いのですが、実例を挙げていただけたので、とても分かりやすかったです。授業では多くの人が知っている巨大企業や有名企業の例を挙げ、それが授業で学んだ理論にどう当てはまるかを議論しました。本当に目からウロコが落ちるような講義で、このクラスを受講してとてもよかったと思っています。  ※国際学部では、ほぼ毎学期海外客員教員を招へいしています。
一年生の時にはIntroduction to Applied Linguisticsを受講しました。言語学習は私が興味を持っていたことの一つだったのですが、この講義は、そんな私にまさにぴったりの内容でした。長谷先生のゼミを選んだのもこの授業を受けたことがきっかけです。
長友先生のSociology of Cultures in Transitionもとても楽しかったです。先生のご専門は人類学とオーストラリアの移民問題やオーストラリアに移住した日本人についてです。授業の前半はほとんど先生による講義でしたが、後半にはグループプロジェクトとプレゼンテーションがありました。最初に理論や方法を学ぶことで、プロジェクトのテーマや、調査そのものをどうするかなどをスムースに決めることができました。

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