Daniel, Warchulski ダニエル ワーチャルスキー

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■英語常勤講師 Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
Daniel, Warchulski(ダニエル ワーチャルスキー)
Autonomous Learning, Motivation, Multiculturalism

Current research interests

My educational backgrounds are in law and in education with a specialization in TESOL. Recently, I have been researching and studying ways to promote and implement autonomous learning to Japanese students. In this regard, I have been particularly interested in the utilization of self-assessment and goal-setting activities. Additionally, since motivation plays a key role and is a determinative factor in a student’s ability to successfully learn English, I have been attempting to use a wide range of motivational strategies in my teaching practices to assist students in reaching their long-term language learning goals.
As well, since as a Canadian multiculturalism is one of my core values, I am involved with research pertaining to it.

Published and forthcoming papers

Warchulski, D., & Ritchie, Z. (2016). Multiculturalism: misconceptions, misunderstandings, and the current state of affairs. In T. Ottman, Z. Ritchie, H. Palmer, & D. Warchulski (Eds.), Peace as a global language: Peace and welfare in the global community (pp. 136-148). Bloomington, IN: Author Solutions.
Warchulski, D. (2015). Promoting learner autonomy through self-assessment and goal-setting. New Directions in Teaching and Learning English Discussion, 3, 214-222.
Warchulski, D., & Pavliy, B. (2012). The communicative approach: its use, effectiveness, and appropriateness in Japan. Japanese Journal of Language and Culture, 39, 207-230.

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