Musty, Nicholas Robert

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■英語常勤講師 Instructor of English as a Foreign Language Musty, Nicholas Robert
Critical thinking, Lifelong learning, Representation of identity in texts, Immersion education, TESOL (teaching of English to speakers of other languages)

Current research interests

University students, between childhood and adulthood, are at a turning point in their lives and it is important to recognize this in their instruction, an area I have been exploring. In addition, I think that our students can learn something more than just a language in our classes. One area that I would like to pursue with them is critical thinking, a key skill for all in their future lives. I also have a lot of experience of working in all-English speaking environments in Japan, encouraging learners to use the language freely and I am looking to pursue this in order to boost the fluency of our students. Lastly, learner perception is an area that I have identified as essential and I would like to find a way to give students a positive perception of English so as to boost their ability to learn.

Published and forthcoming papers

Musty, N. (2015). "Teaching Inequality: A study of gender identity in EFL Textbooks" in Identity Papers. Vol 1(2).
Musty, N. (2013). "Simulation of a Study Abroad Programme: The English Village at Kinki University" in Ryugaku: Explorations in Study Abroad. Vol 6(2).
Musty, N. (2010). "会話とチャット/ E3 Communication & Chat" In 村長の告白/ A Mayor's Confession. Edited by Kitazume, S. Tokyo: Kaibunsha pp. 100-105.

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