Bradley, Joseph Perks

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■英語常勤講師 Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
Bradley, Joseph Perks
Corrective feedback, Implicit knowledge, Task based learning

Current research interests

My current research interests are in Corrective Feedback, Implicit Language Knowledge and Task Based Learning. Corrective feedback (CF) can greatly benefit students acquisition of language, but it’s difficult to know when and how much CF a teacher should give, so I researched it. I am also interested in researching and getting students to complete tasks in my classes. I think its enjoyable and motivating for students to work towards meaningful tasks. Both of these research areas aim to develop students’ communication skills otherwise known as Implicit Language Knowledge skills.

Published and forthcoming papers

Investigating the impact of corrective feedback on inflectional morphemes acquisition (Vocabulary Education & Research Bulletin, Vol.2 Issue 2, Fall 2014) The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
Any Questions? Lateral Thinking Puzzles (March - April 2015 (39.2) Issue) The Language Teacher (TLT) The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
Lateral Thinking Puzzles in a Task Based Learning class - (January 2015 - Issue 102) English Teaching Professional (ET- Pro) It Works in Practice section
Can explicit knowledge transfer into implicit knowledge? (Fall 2016) 17th Temple University Applied Linguistics Colloquium
Corrective Feedback Clarifications (February 2016, Vol. 20) Kwansei Gakuin University Humanities Review (Foreign Language Journal Humanities Edition)
Questioning CLT’s applicability in an EFL context: The case of Japan (February 2016, Vol 53) Osaka Shoin Women’s University ELTC Forum

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