Discussion Time Questionnaire(Sora Sato)

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Discussion Time Questionnaire(Sora Sato)

Sora Sato

 The Respondent: Sora Sato
         (School of Economics)

Have you noticed any changes in your English since starting Discussion Time?

 I have improved my English since joining. Discussion Time has provided me with an effective way to boost my speaking ability in English.

What do you like about Discussion Time?

Sora Sato

 I like it when we hold discussions on a wide variety of topics at a quick pace.
 Although it’s kind of hard for me to quickly think of how to answer, it is a good way to practice my speaking skills.

What topics are you interested in discussing?

 I’m interested in topics such as cross-cultural communication.
 Speaking of cross-cultural communication reminds me of a conversation with a foreigner who was really interested in Japanese Kanji.
She asked me what my favorite kanji was. I said that one of my favorites was “HANA” as in flower. But she misunderstood and thought that I meant nose. So she was stunned to hear that my favorite kanji was nose. That really made me laugh.
 As you all know, "Hana" as in "nose" and "flower" are written exactly the same in Katakana. This is because the Katakana script in only based on sounds. They don’t have meanings like kanji.
 That’s why kanji would be difficult for a person who starts learning Japanese to write, I guess.

Have you ever studied abroad? Tell us about your experience.

 Not yet, but I would love to study abroad.

Are you planning to study abroad in the future? Tell us about your plans.

 I’m planning to study abroad in 2 years. I should study English as hard as possible until then. I think that Discussion Time is a great way to warm up!

Sora Sato