【2017.08.31】GLP Forum (Exchange Meeting with JICA Trainees)

【2017.08.31】GLP Forum (Exchange Meeting with JICA

   【Date】: Thursday, August 31, 2017 (10:00-12:20)
   【Targets】: 1st-year GLP students and 10 JICA Trainees
   【Objective】: to provide opportunities for students to acquire a lot of intercultural experiences, which will help them develop into people
           who have many different viewpoints in the world

 On Thursday, August 31st, KG Senior High School held a GLP forum for 1st-year GLP students and invited 10 overseas trainees from JICA Kansai. The trainees are from various countries such as Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Mexico, Myanmar, Sudan, and Uganda. The main topic of this forum was “water resources conservation”. That was also the project studied by the trainees.
 The students were divided into several groups, including the trainees. Each group did a self-introduction, an interview, a session, and a guided school tour.

 Each group had a question and answer session focused mainly on the history or the culture of the trainees' home countries. The forum summarized the contents of their presentations and the key points of the session after the members assembled.

 Representative students could handle the tasks given to them. They did a presentation to introduce Kwansei Gakuin Senior High School and a presentation about “water resources conservation” in English.
 The students realized the difficulty of expression in English, however, they could come in contact with people who have various accents of English and different cultures from 9 countries around the world.

 Some of the students' comments were as follows:
●Each native language spoken by JICA trainees was different from ours, so it was hard for me to understand their spoken English. My English is not perfect but I was able to communicate with them in my own words. This experience will increase my confidence in the future.
●The valuable talks with trainees at the forum enabled me to learn a lot. It was something that I would not have been able to learn if I only read books or used the Internet. I want to deepen my knowledge about various global problems from now on.