Super Global High School (SGH)

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“World Citizen Akashi-juku” in 2017

Akashi juku 2017

'Akashi-juku' - Study Camp at Kwansei Gakuin University, from August to November, 2017

【2017.11.18】 School of Policy Studies Research Fair 2017

Presentation@Research Fair 2017

【2017.11.25】 MEXT national SGH Forum 2017

MEXT national SGH Forum 2017

2 GLP students participated in the forum (@Pacifico Yokohama)

【2017.12.13】 GGP Global Seminar 2017

GGP Global Seminar 2017

“Guiding light in my career”- Starting from Fukushima toward a Global Vision -

   Lecture by Mr. Motokazu Matsutani
    (an associate professor of Faculty of Liberal Arts at Tohoku Gakuin University)

【2017.12.13】 GLP Seminar

GLP Seminar 2017

Lectures on “Wasyoku” and Japanese Cultures (Home Economics and Social Studies)

GLP Seminar 2017-2

English Seminar by Ms. Vivian Bussinguer-Khavari  (“How can we givean effective presentation?”)

【2017.12.18】 GLP students visit JICA Kansai


【2017.12.18】 GLP Session with Harapan High School (Bali, Indonesia)

GLP Session with Harapan HS, 2017

Intercultural Communication with utilizing ICT environment, Skype

【2018.2.2】 GGP Global Seminar & GLP Special Class

PHD & GLP special class the year of 2017

Lecture by a PHD trainee from Myanmar          GLP Special class for 1st & 2nd GLP students

Intercultural communication with 3 PHD trainees from different countries   
       (PEACE, HEALTH &

【2018.2.3】 Poster Presentation Fair for high school students

Kokusaimondai wo kangaeru hi 2017

Poster Presentation Fair for high school students on the day of considering global issues @Osaka University

【2018.03.24】  SGH Koshien 2018 at Kwansei Gakuin University


KGHS students made a presentation & a group discussion as part of the Research Exposition ‘SGH Koshien 2018’