Haugh Samuel (ホー サミュエル) 英語常勤講師(I.E.F.L)

 応用言語学、 談話分析、 コーパス言語学


 My background in applied linguistics has allowed me to explore teaching English as a second language where I am currently dedicated to researching efficient and effective teaching methods. As a result, I hope to be able to provide my students with a learning environment that compliments their needs. For example, I am interested in the benefits of task-based language teaching and what learning strategies should be implemented under differing circumstances in regards to the frequency of vocabulary. Furthermore, these sorts of investigations have lead me to seek information that discourse and corpus analysis can provide when teaching English in general and for specific purposes. Finally, while not an immediate research interest, I am personally preoccupied with the conclusions that can be drawn on how speech acts are used and interpreted in differing situations and environments throughout the world.