NICOLE, Moskowitz ニッコール モスコウィズ

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■英語常勤講師 Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
NICOLE, Moskowitz(ニッコール モスコウィズ)
Computer Aided Language Learning, Complexity Accuracy and Fluency, Speaking Anxiety

Current research interests

As the number of people with access to computers and smartphones increase, there have been a plethora of applications, websites, and other e-learning activities created to improve students’ English. I’ve been researching how technology can be used to improve speaking fluency, speaking complexity, pronunciation, and decrease speaking anxiety. Besides a technology-focus, I’m also interested in researching how second language acquisition is aided by peer-to-peer interactions, such as role plays, group discussions, and short presentations. I’m a proponent of the Output Hypothesis and Interactionist Theory. Lastly, I’m dedicated to helping teachers by creating rubrics to help with textbook selection based on Nation’s Four Strands Theory and have also volunteered teaching teachers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. 

Published and forthcoming papers

Moskowitz, N. Dubin, B., Sparrow, R. (2020 Publication Pending). How independent speaking using flipgrid affects learners’ complexity, accuracy, and fluency. Proceedings of the 20th Annual Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium. 

Moskowitz, N. (2020 Publication Pending). Three activities for teaching both ESL and JSL students in the same class. Teacher Development and College and University Educators Journal. 

Moskowitz, N. (2020 Publication Pending). Using role plays and real plays for lower-level students. Pan-Special Interest Groups of Japan Association of Language Teachers Journal. 

Moskowitz, N. (2018). Creating a rubric from Nation’s four strands for textbook selection purposes. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium, Temple University Japan Campus TESOL Program, 10-15.

Moskowitz, N. (2016). Three communicative practice activities for /θ/ and /s/. Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistics; Activities for Teaching Pronunciation to Japanese Learners of English, 105, 15-22.

Moskowitz, N. (2014). Improving grammatical skills through a variety of activities and approaches. Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistics; Grammar Instruction in the Japanese Context, 95, 33-38. 

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