DAVID Perrie McCurrach
デイビッド ペリー マカラク

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■英語常勤講師 Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
DAVID Perrie McCurrach(デイビッド ペリー マカラク)
Computer Aided Language Learning, Task Based Learning, Corpus Linguistics

Current research interests

Currently I'm researching innovative technological means to facilitate language learners. This includes online flashcards with spatial repetition, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and mobile-based learning. I'm a proponent of Task Based Learning, taking a constructivist view that learner focus, real language use, and experiential learning are superior methods for language acquisition. In particular, I've researched how textbook analysis in conjunction with the use of corpora can lead to better, more relevant materials. Furthermore, by arranging vocabulary in terms of frequency and through an understanding of Zipf's Law, the speed of learning can increase.

Published and forthcoming papers

Colpitts, B.D.F. and McCurrach D.P. (2018) English Vocabulary Learning: Analysing Frequency Data and the Case for an E-learning Implementation for Japanese Junior High Schools. Annual Research Report of the Language Center, Kwansei Gakuin University, 21, 83-102.

Colpitts, B.D.F. and McCurrach D.P. (2016) The Younger Learner Advantage: Separating Fact from Fiction. Kwansei Gakuin University Humanities Review, 21, 133-144.

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