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以下の文章は、第4代C.J.Lベーツ院長が1932年(昭和7年)12月20日発行の『関西学院新聞』大学昇格祝賀号に「THE MISSION OF K.G UNIVERSITY」と題して記したものです。

『関西学院新聞』大学昇格祝賀号 第4代ベーツ院長が記したミッションに関する文章

『関西学院新聞』大学昇格祝賀号 第4代ベーツ院長が記したミッションに関する文章


 The year 1932 will ever be remembered among Kwansei-Gakuin folks as the year in which the Imperial Government of Japan granted permission for the opening of university work in our alma mater.
 For many years we have been hoping and praying and planning for this end.
 It has seemed to us to be the inevitable destiny of our School. First in the Middle School, then in the College, for twenty years in each period, the foundations were laid and the fundamental principles of education in Kwansei Gakuin determined.
 Now we feel prepared to take the next step in the development of our School and “launch out into the deep.” We realize the seriousness of this step. It is no easy matter to establish and carry on a University and we will need the sincere and hearty cooperation of all students and teachers, graduates and friends to realize our purpose and accomplish our Mission.
 For Kwansei Gakuin is a Mission School in two tenses. Firstly it is a Mission School because it was founded by a Mission, and secondly it is a Mission School because it is a School with a Mission. We must never be content to think of Kwansei Gakuin as simply “one more school” nor of Kwansei Gakuin University as “just another University.” It is not enough to make our University simply an institution of learning. It must be a centre of education in the deepest meaning of the term.
 The English word “Education” comes from two Latin words “e” or “ex” which means “out of” and “duco” which means “to lead.” Education in this sense means to lead out the natural qualities in the student to stimulate the student to think and to express himself, to develop initiative, self-reliance and self-control, not simply to train in certain ways of efficiency.
 Our Mission is to make men, men of pure hearts, men of strength of character, men of quickened insight, of fidelity to truth and duty, men of sincere loyalty and unswerving faithfulness, men of magnanimity.
 That is the word that I would like to set before ourselves as our ideal, “Magnanimity,” which means “greatness of soul”. This is the ideal student and graduate of Kwansei Gakuin, and to produce such men is the great Mission of Kwansei Gakuin University.
 By fulfilling this Mission we shall best serve society, Japan, the world,and God.