TEACHING   Jean Monnet Module (Agreement No. 20183245 / 010 – 001)

We will offer the courses on the topic. Besides the new three courses below, KGU students will conduct fieldwork in EU member states. 

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Special Topics B “EU economic and monetary integration”

Semester: Fall 2019 (September 2019 - March 2020)
Administrative Department: School of Business Administration 
Language of Instruction: English
Course Purpose: This course provides a basic understanding of the history of economic and monetary integration in the EU. We will predominantly focus on the Single Market and the EURO, with its strengths and weaknesses. During the latter half of the course, students will present some of the latest research & newspaper articles on the topics, on which discussion will be based. 
Number of Registered Students: 81

Syllabus Info Special Topics B 2019 fall