TEACHING   Jean Monnet Chair (Agreement No. 20183245 / 004 – 001)

Three new courses will be offered in the Jean Monnet Chair framework that are intended to expand European Union related education at KGU and the EUIJ particular in the fields of industry and regional economy development as well as economic history.

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【Courses in 2019】
■European Industries

 Semester: Fall 2019 (September 2019 - March 2020)
 Administrative Department:School of International Studies
 Instructor: Prof. Holger Bungsche (School of International Studies, KGU)
 Language of Instruction:Japanese  
 Course Purpose: The purpose of the course is to introduce students to 
   European industries, their structure and their peculiarities in an easy-to-
   understand way.
   Number of Registered Students: 55

Syllabus Info European Industries 2019 fall