Joint Research: "Societies Forged by War"

[ 編集者:先端社会研究所   2014年10月20日 更新 ]

 Wars in the 20th century, notably but not exclusively the two World Wars, caused mass death and destruction. Today, conflicts involving weapons of mass destruction take place in many parts of the world, and even the outbreak of another world war remains undeniably possible. War is a major contemporary problem, and as social scientists we cannot assess the remainder of the 21st century without addressing it. Investigating war from various academic disciplines, and utilizing and developing up-to-date methods to do so, is both urgent for, and relevant to the understanding of the modern world.

 War accelerates the movement of people and creates new spaces in various ways. Thus, it creates a field where people simultaneously encounter one another and become “the other.” However, modern sociology has rarely taken movements into account, and thus has not been able to consider war as integral to the problem of otherness. In this research project, we approach war as a problem of the other in space, and will instigate inquiry into what kinds of societies wars have (re)produced.

共同研究 「戦争が生み出す社会」