2012-2015 Joint Research

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PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY IN ASIA -Social Survey beyond the Dualism of “Exclusion” and “Inclusion”-

1. Aim

 This project involves conducting field studies to focus on diversity, mobility, plurality, and inclusiveness in Asian societies. We seek to establish alternative social models and theories for/against the “exclusive society.”

2. Method

 This four year project has three branches: the South Asia/India Group, Chinese Borders/Yunnan Group, and Japan Group. The first group, led by Professor SEKINE Yasumasa, analyzes linguistic, religious, and caste diversity and conflict in South Asian societies overseas. The second group, led by Professor OGINO Masahiro, examines diversity and mobility in border areas between China and Southeast Asia. The third group, led by Professor YAMA Yoshiyuki, studies minorities and peripheral societies in Japan.

3. Originality and Expected Result

 This project seeks to challenge the Western-oriented dualism of “exclusion” and “inclusion,” which few scholars have overcome. We plan to organize conferences and publish books in order to present the theoretical implications of survival strategies against the “exclusive society.”

4. Member

South Asia/India Group

SEKINE, Yasumasa
SUZUKI, Shinichiro
TOBA, Misuzu

Chinese Borders/Yunnan Group

OGINO, Masahiro
RIN, Mei

Japan Group

YAMA, Yoshiyuki
NANBA, Kouji
KIMU, Myonsu
SON, Ryou