【2017.07.06】GLP Seminar (Japanese, Reading & Research, Mathematics)

2017年07月06日(木) 00時00分
GLP 1st & 2nd year students (total 69 students)

  【Objective】: To foster students' abilities in "understanding their country's culture", "cross-cultural understanding", and “self-determination”,            all of which are essential for every student to become a globalized person

GLP Seminar was held at KGHS

On Thursday, July 6th, KG Senior High School held a GLP Seminar for GLP students.
The GLP seminar has designated subjects and courses for each grade, and it aims to maintain the students’ identity, spread the appeal of Japanese culture around the world, and contribute to the promotion of international cooperation.

The details on each seminar are as follows.

1. Japanese

 【Target】1st-year GLP students
 【Theme】“What is Noh?”
 【Lecturer】Mr. Akitaka Ueda (a Noh actor of Kanze School) and Mr. Akira Katabami

We invited Mr. Akitaka Ueda, a Noh actor of Kanze School, as a lecturer of the seminar for the first-year GLP students. At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Akira Katabami of the Japanese Department talked about the significance of learning about Japanese culture. He then introduced the lecturer, who is also a graduate of this high school.
The contents of Mr. Ueda’s lecture were as follows:
  1. Introduction: What is ‘Noh’? - Japanese classical performing arts and traditional cultures -
  2. ‘Noh’ is one of ‘Noh-gaku’ performances
  3. Hands-on activities① Putting on a “Noh mask”
  4. Ceremonial style of Noh program
     *“Gobandate” - A Noh program includes five Noh plays
  5. Synopsis and highlight of Noh performance – the story of “Atsumori”
  6. Hands-on activities② “Utai” (vocal)
  7. Hands-on activities③ “Suriashi” (sliding steps)
  8. Demonstration - Play and chant in the story of “Atsumori”
     *“Kiri shimai” - performance in the final part of the play
     *“Dokugin” - one actor sits on the stage and chants the best part of the vocal
The lecture was a good opportunity for the students experience something which is rare in their daily lives.
Students watched Mr. Ueda’s demonstration quietly and intensively. The latter half of the lecture was just like being at a real theater.

【Students' Impressions】
●I was impressed by the teacher's words; “We can explain about Japan and our culture only if we know Japan well.” I don't know much about Japanese traditional arts, so I realized the necessity of learning more about our country in GLP class.
●I was lucky to be able to realize the complexity of Noh plays at this seminar. I've watched Noh plays twice casually before. I'm barely able to understand the Noh's story with the description right now, but I hope to go to the theater and enjoy the story deeply without any help some time in the future. I'm really glad that I had a lot of precious experiences such as a vocal lesson and sliding steps in the Noh style.

2. Reading & Research

  【Target】2nd-year GLP students
  【Theme】“How to write an essay & a thesis”
  【Lecturer】Mr. Katsuhiko Tanetani

Mr. Tanetani, a teacher of 'Reading & Research' department, lectured on "How to write an essay & a thesis” for the second-year GLP students.
First, Mr. Tanetani listed up a number of factors and discussed the concept of an ‘antonym'. He gave some examples such as ‘format' and ‘contents', ‘subjectivity' and ‘objectivity'. Then, he mentioned how it is important in writing a thesis or an essay to include "aims", "methods", and also the “feelings” of the writer.
The 2nd-year students are progressing in the writing preparation of their graduation thesis.
It is essential to determine the "contents", "format", "aim", and "method", no matter what they decide to write on.
Students will notice that they also need to think about what to write or how to write.
Our daily lives are filled with information. In particular, there is an increasing amount of subjectivity in textbooks or newspapers. “Personal ideas are used or required for writing a thesis. It is also important to be able to read data and information from multiple pieces of writings with different angles”, Mr. Tanetani explained to the students at the lecture.

【Students' Impressions】
●I might lose sight of something that I want to truly express if I only focused on objective opinions. I felt I should include a variety of ideas with some subjectivity, as well as consider the reader's standpoint.
●Everyone has both objective and subjective ideas. The world is full of ‘subjectivity'. We should try to foster a new way of thinking by exchanging our diverse opinions.


3. Mathematics

  【Target】3rd-year GLP students
  【Theme】“What we need in order to be active worldwide”
  【Lecturer】Mr. Ryohei Miyadera

Mr. Miyadera, a teacher from the Mathematics department, lectured on “What we need in order to be active worldwide” for the third-year GLP students.
Mr. Miyadera described 3 requirements below for being active person in various fields of the world;
   “Unique sensibility”
   “English skills for communicating”
   “Opportunities where person's abilities and skills should be evaluated ”
He also mentioned, “If our future is on the international stage, then specific and original ideas are more essential than English writing skills. However, writing skills is still needed in order to present our own opinions.”
GLP students listened to the experiences of a student who has participated in a world meeting and a university student who is a graduate from our high school. The graduate gave the students a message, “I hope you will utilize the time during the 3rd semester well.”
“I'm really sure that all of you have an opportunity to challenge yourselves worldwide. I hope you will achieve your own dreams. ”, Mr. Miyadera repeated the phrase again and again in the seminar. The seminar was very impressive and the participating students were motivated by his comments.

【Students' Impressions】
●I learned we can get an idea from something familiar when we make something new. We can also enjoy the fun of trying to utilize what we already have as much as possible.
●To do something with many members in groups produces a complementary effect. I thought that it is important to seek good associates as well.
●I strongly felt that there are endless possibilities and it is never too late to start taking action.
I want to live in good faith one day at a time and challenge something new without worrying about limitations.