6 Elevator paradox (2)

We now discuss the simulation of the case with more than 2 elevators. First, let me explain the rules to be applied for the selection of the elevators.

Among the rules above, the first two can be replaced so as to read "There should not be a biased demand in the originating floor nor in the destination floor." Now, let's try our simulation with 6 units of elevators in the 100 storied building.

In the above simulation, observing floors were limited to each 10th floor between 10th floor and 90th floor. Please note that the observing floor here, are the floor to observe and not the floor where demands are originated. WT means waiting time for an elevator to arrive, namely the distance at the time between the demanding floor and the called elevator. The graph on the far right shows the probability of the called elevator coming down from above.