Intensive English Program (English)

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The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Kwansei Gakuin University was established with the knowledge that in order to effectively learn English, classes must meet often, have fewer students, and use dynamic methods and activities. The classes consist of 25 or fewer students who work closely together and with the teacher to make the lessons lively and meaningful. Because the classes are intensive, attendance and active participation are essential elements in making the most of these opportunities to learn English.

IEP Courses

The purpose of the Intensive English Program

The purpose of the Intensive English Program (IEP) is to provide English courses for students who are highly motivated and eager to improve their English language skills. Students who qualify to enroll in the IEP will find the program challenging, stimulating,
and diverse. Through varied classroom activities, students will be able to move toward active use of English. Students will learn to take responsibility for their own progress and learn specific strategies that they can apply in their study and use of English. They will also develop an awareness of cross-cultural differences and similarities in language use.


The IEP offers two types of courses, required courses and elective courses. The required courses are “Spring Intensive English” and “Intensive English” which focus on broad communicative English skills. In addition to the Intensive English Series, the IEP also offers electives with a variety of levels, topics and skills focus: Skills-based English, Special English Seminar, courses for Multidisciplinary Studies and Project-based Seminar in English. For example, Skills-based English (Basic) is for students who want a taste of the IEP or need to improve their English level. For students who want to challenge themselves more, there is a series of intermediate and advanced level integrated skills courses in listening/speaking, writing, reading and English for academic purposes. In all IEP courses, a strong emphasis is placed on active participation through group work, pair work, and student-teacher interaction. All instruction is done entirely in English, and regular attendance and homework are required.

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