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カナダ研究セミナー:Canadian Studies Seminar

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カナダ研究セミナー: Canadian Studies Seminar


Every year since 1990, KGU has been hosting the Canadian Studies Seminar with the support of the Canadian Embassy. Visiting Professors and invited speakers from Canada and around the world give talks related to the chosen theme for the year.


2015 Canadian Studies Seminar

2015年度は26回目の実施となり、7月4日~5日に開催します。「Dating, Sex and Marriage in Aging Canada and Japan」をテーマに行われる本セミナーでは、初日に専門家によるカナダと日本におけるテーマに沿った講義を受け、提示されるトピックについて小グループでのディスカッションを行います。2日目はグループプレゼンテーションやパネルディスカッション等を行い、テーマについて理解を深めます。

The 2015 Canadian Studies Seminar is scheduled to be held at KGU on the 4th – 5th July. This year, the theme will be "Dating, Sex and Marriage in Aging Canada and Japan". On the first day participants will hear talks regarding the theme by international speakers, and take part in group discussion related to an issue raised in the talks. On the 2nd day, students will present their findings and opinions to the panel of speakers, and receive feedback on the issues.
There will be local students as well as international students present, as well as academics and other international guests, so it will be a great chance to experience what an international conference is really like.

Prof. Paul Williams, University of Toronto and Visiting Professor in Canadian Studies at KGU
Prof. Janet Lum, Ryerson University (Canada)
Prof. Beverley Yamamoto, Osaka University

議 長/Chair:
Prof. Takamichi Mito, Law and Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University

◇日 時   :7/4日(土)~ 5(日)※宿泊なし
◇参加費   :1000円 ※初日に昼食提供希望者のみ
◇申込期限  :6/30(火)迄
◇申込方法  :WEB申込(本ページ後半にあるフォームに入力)
◇セミナー内容:添付Canadian Studies Seminar Brochure(PDFファイル)参照
◇使用言語  :英語(日本語通訳なし)

◇Dates : July 4 (Sat) - 5 (Sun) *no accommodation available
◇Fee : 1000JPY for applicants wishing lunch to be provided on July 4th
(other applicants will need to bring their own lunch)
◇Seminar content: see the attached brochure PDF
◇How to apply : fill in the form below and submit
◇Deadline : June 30 (Tue)
◇Payment method : TBA
◇Language : English only